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Learning search engine optimization SEO process

We all want our website to rank higher in google ranking. But we have to do few things right for our website to rank higher in google. The work which we do to make our website rank higher is called search engine optimization or SEO in general.

Like anything in general, learning requires continuous practice. Additionally, a good guidance will also be helpful to learn about any topic. This article is written with a hope that it will be helpful to someone trying to learn search engine optimization (SEO).

As the title suggests, this article will be a very simple one to follow and understand.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)

In simple words, search engine optimization (SEO) is set of related tasks which we have to perform in order to make the chances of our website ranking higher in popular search engines like google, bing, etc.

# Steps for SEO

1. Have a website ready

First of all you need a website for which you will do SEO. We hope that you already have a website. If you do not have create one.

If you need professional help to create a website for you then you can contact us and we can create a website for you (or your company / organization).

2. Do keyword research

Next, you have to do keyword research.

Keyword research is the research you do to find out what are the relevant keywords that your target audience is intrested in. You can do this research in many ways and using many tools.

2.1 What is target audience?

Target audience are the audience that could be intrested in your website.

2.2 What are relevant keywords?

Relevant keywords are the words that your target audience uses while searching in google.

Keyword research starts with few 'seed' keywords that are related to your website. For example if your website is a e-commerce store selling sports items then some of the seed keywords could be football, buy, club, online, etc. Else if your website is a website displaying educational services that your company provides then some of the keywords could be services, education, school, college, etc.

Now, once you have a set of seed keywords, you need to use a keyword reserach tool. There are many keyword research tools. Some of them are free and some of them are paid versions.

3. Create useful content in your website

Next, you need to put useful and valuable content in your website.

The content should be related to what your target audience is interested in. Content should also be of high quality. It is high quality content that users are most interested in.

Format of the content can be text, image, video, infographics, etc. It is anything that is displayed in a webpage of your website. Important thing is that the content should be related to target audience's interest and should be of high quality.

4. Get backlinks to your website

Next, you will need to get backlinks to your website from other websites.

Backlinks are the links to your website from other websites. The more quality backlink your website gets, more are the chances of your website getting higher ranking in google and other search engines.

There are few ways to get more backlinks to your website.

4.1 Put your website link in all social media pages

You can start by adding links to your website from all the social media pages of your company or yourself (if it is a personal website). Put link to your website social media pages like facebook, twitter, instagram, github, etc. Important thing is that your website should get backlinks, and your social media pages are a great (and simple) way to start building backlinks for your website.

4.2 Write posts in other website with a link to your website

This is usually called guest posting. This means you write posts in other websites (like reddit, stackoverflow, quora, or even a publication, etc) and put a link to your website in those posts.

4.3 Create useful content which is share worthy

If your content is good then people may share a link to your webpage. So it is important that you create useful content which your target audience would really like. Also, posting content regularly will do good.

5. Measure your progress using analytics tools

You will have to see how your website is performing in search engines. For this you need to use SEO analytics tools.

5.1 Google search console

Google search console is a free analytics tool by google. It is most widely used anaytics tool. It provides a lot of information about your website's SEO performance.

5.2 Google analytics

Google analytics is also a free analytics tool by google. In this tool, you can see information which you cannot see in google search console. For example, you can see the source of traffic to your website.

You can also see how users are interacting with your website. This information is important because you would want to to pay attention to where user is most interested in a webpage. With this information you can plan to do some onsite optimization.

6. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, 5 continuously

SEO is a continuous process so you will have to repeat the process again and again. Our target is to make our website rank higher continuously.

If you are looking for a website for yourself or your company, then you can contact OIT and we can create a website for you. Please mention any queries you have to us. We will try to resolve any of your queries regarding getting a website ready for you.

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