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Are you looking to create a new website or upgrade the old website for your school? Good website of school will be useful for parents, teachers and students.

There are many useful things you can put in your school's website. Calendar, Noticeboard, Admission forms, etc many things can be put in the website which will be useful.

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You can display your schools calendar in the website. In calendar you will want to show all the holidays and important events like exams, results, sports day, etc.

Having your school's calendar in the website will add convinience to parents, students, and teachers. They can quickly check if a day is holiday or not. They can also check for important events in the calendar quickly.


You can display notice of school in the website. School will have plenty of notice throughout the year. You can display all the notice in the website.

This is also useful because parents, students and teachers everyone can see notice in the website.

Admission and other forms

You can display admission forms in the website. Not only admission forms, but any other form like a feedback form, or report card form can be displayed in the website.

This will add convinience to parents as they will not have to print and submit the form in person to school.

Examples of website of some schools

You can do a google search to see wbsite of schools around your city. Almost all good schools have website today.


School needs an operational website. If your school does not have website then please try to get a website for it. There are many useful things that can be done with the website of your school. Get a website for the school and make it convinient for parents, students and teachers as well.

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