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IT Consultancy in Nepal

We provide IT consultancy to business. We also sell both hardware and software. We help our clients in web or software development as well as office IT setup.

Help business use IT and software

We help business' use software efficiently and cost effectively. While most business will benifit from using a software, often budget constraints hamper the use of software. We help minimize the cost of using software.

Our clients get quality and professional support for any assistance required.

OIT About us image 1
OIT About us image 1

Experienced through years

Operating IT Pvt Ltd (OIT) was founded in 2017 and has almost a decade of experience in providing quality IT and software services to clients.

Some of our clients

Kimchi ramen restaurant Kathmandu Nepal
Alphasoft trading international Kathmandu Nepal
Euro education consultants Kathmandu Nepal
Siddhartha high school Jhapa Nepal
Operating IT Pvt Ltd
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